Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hiatus-a dress for me!

Some months ago, I went on vacation to San Diego and we drove to the fashion district in LA. I knew that I was looking for a lovely piece of fabric and a ridiculously cheap price. I found it! This is 8 yards of polished cotton that the gentleman measured out with a yard stick and tore with his teeth. The end is almost perfectly straight. I have been thinking about what to make with this, because it is a slightly Georgian print. I will make a round gown that is entirely draw-stringed so that there aren't any fasteners. I will have the bodice tie at the waist as well as at the neckline. I think it will look lovely.
$2 a yard in LA. I should have gotten the blue as well

The pattern I drew out. I like having new things with new patterns

While sewing the mock up together, my bobbin ran out. That means time to stop for the night

I have been sewing new modern clothes so much lately, I forgot how fast I am at regency as well as how much I love making it. I was a little hesitant to cut the fabric, being that if I mess up, there is not way to get more...but I think I am over that. It took less than an hour from draft to mock up. excellent
Mock up almost done..just need to put some channels in and some drawstrings  and its ready to try on!

I will post once the mock up fits and is cut into the fashion fabric. I really need to use my down time wisely, and get my Retreat wardrobe up to snuff so I can focus on my next two commissions. Luckily, they are for Mrs. Mari Roll, and they are regency. Yay!

I almost forgot the Fall Front pants. Do not fear, I will be on it..this dress very well could be done tomorrow...

Your Modiste, and a Baronets Daughter,

Nora Azevedo

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