Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Things

There are few things that are consistently lovely, pretty and joyful, and I have to say they are all shoved into the Little Things shop on Lovejoy here in Beautiful Portland Oregon.

The proprietress, Andrea Angell not only keeps all the loveliness of other local Portland artisans, she has her own line of jewelry as well.

I am proud to say that ABD designs, a non regency-clothing division of A Baronets' Daughter Designs, now has a few little tidbits in there to add to her collection, and yes, you can come into her corner of beauty and pick some great things up. There are purses, and pinata's and jewelry and nicknack's of all shapes and sizes.

Do yourself a solid and either go see her, or purchase something fantastic on her website.

Thanks for checking my website out and hers as well. I am currently working on a Rockabilly dress and will be debuting it on here soon.

Apparently, my talents are asked for in more than just my all time favorite type of fashion.

More as it comes in .

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