Monday, July 30, 2012


As many of you may know, I am not a small woman, in fact, some would say anything from Fat (oh the shame!) to Plus size to BBW. What ever way you call it, Im a big girl and there is not a dress form out there any where close to my size, much less my shape. I am one of those who has hips of doom, a much smaller waist and a medium size bust, comparatively speaking.

So, while reading the lovely American Duchess' post on franken-lillie I began to dream on how to make my old school, very unlike a female, dress form into something closer to my shape, in the very least girth.

Here I am at the ORS 5th Annual Pittock Mansion picnic in the Rose Gown. If you have seen what it looks like on the dressform, you see the difference once it is on me.

Yes, I did big feathers. Go big or go home is my motto sometimes. :)

So, as you can see, I needed a better dress size. Well, I searched far and wide, and ended up adding to my current dress form, using my older set of stays, a pillow, a king size sheet and various pieces of muslin.

it isn't elegant, but it fits the petticoat i have been working on that i know fits to a T on me. I needed a way to drape on something, even if it is not perfect, so that I would feel better about making things for myself. Now, I can. I have to say, the stuffing of the corset while on the dress form was not entirely my idea. I was definitely inspired not only by American Duchess but by Mrs. Amanda Gentry, my particular friend, who brought her things down and had a sewing marathon with myself and Aria on Saturday night. She is small, but she stuff plastic bags into hers to get the right proportions. No one, big or small is exempt. When will the industry get that they don't make anything close to real proportions?

Anyways, I am airing out the trunk for the retreat, have a stack of regency clothes to make for myself as well as Mrs. Roll and so will not be taking anymore commissions until I get back.


Mrs. Azevedo, Modiste and a Baronets' Daughter.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Busy Bee

Allow me to apologize. I have been remiss in my blogging because I have been a busy busy bee!

I have made myself a round gown for the Pittock Mansion picnic

a pattern of my own.

and a round gown for Mrs. Cunningham for the Pittock Mansion Picnic

she gave me her measurements and the fabric..and POW!

And than, I was invited to Stitch and Bitch with Lady Sully, of Lady of Portland House and her particular friend Mrs. Cartwright. That was great fun which I hope to repeat in the future as I have a new gown planned for me and Mrs. Cunningham gave me the fabric to do it!

Dorset Buttons

RED FABRIC!!!!!   

I have come across a lovely fashion plate I would like to recreate by hand....

I need this dress and the reticule!

I was gifted with the fabric. I will post my progress. I have made delivery of the fall front trousers to my Patroness at Wells & Verne and hope to have pictures soon. I also owe her 5 more pairs for her shop. WOW!

This past weekend I made a trip to see my lovely friends in Washington, all Charter members of the Washington Regency Society and we had quite a bit of fun and it was nice to step away from the sewing machine, but, Mrs. Mari Roll would not give me much of a reprieve as she was kind enough to take me to an amazing brunch and bestow some more commissions on me. I am thankful, as idol hands get me in trouble! So, I have two gowns to make for her before the retreat as well as a dressing gown and possibly a Spencer, if I can get to it, but I’m thinking..with the red velvet she gave me, that would be more of a fall Spencer material. She also wants me to make two dresses for her nieces, a la this dress

Luckily, that wont be till after the retreat. I also want to make myself a purple gown and a white chemise to wear under my black robe..I also want to make myself a blue robe.

Wish me luck, since, I am now going to be working like a maniac for a while as well as sewing, and I have a kindle now. I can sleep when I'm dead, right?

Thank you for being patient and for reading my blog. Good Evening,

Mrs. Nora Azevedo
Modiste, and A Baronet's Daughter

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Rose Dress, completed.

Well, the Rose dress is done! I have posted some pictures on my facebook, but I thought it appropriate to let you all know its done!

I decided to go with a round gown form, as I had something like 8 yards to use, which, surprisingly, I didn't use it all. I got this lovely polished cotton rose pattern from a little Middle Eastern dude in the Fashion District in LA. If any of you are costume/clothier enthusiasts, I recommend saving up a small wad and going on down there. It can be a bit intimidating, and there is a lot to wade through, but it is soooo worth it. This lovely piece of 60+ inch wide polished cotton was only $2 a yard! booya!

So, here is the pictures! Enjoy!

Eliza Jane had to inspect it, of course, the fabric passed muster.

adding the drawstring
had to baste by hand the sleeve, since i had to do the fit on myself..took a couple of tries

at 1am, the stars told me to go to sleep

bodice finished

DONE! (except the hem on the sleeves. muah ha ha ha)
I plan on wearing this at the Pittock Mansion Picnic at the end of the month. I have a shallow brim hat to wear too..Yay!

Now, onto the pants. I keep putting them off, but I really need to get on them!

I'll keep you posted.

Nora A, Modiste, and A Baronets' Daughter