Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Busy Bee

Allow me to apologize. I have been remiss in my blogging because I have been a busy busy bee!

I have made myself a round gown for the Pittock Mansion picnic

a pattern of my own.

and a round gown for Mrs. Cunningham for the Pittock Mansion Picnic

she gave me her measurements and the fabric..and POW!

And than, I was invited to Stitch and Bitch with Lady Sully, of Lady of Portland House and her particular friend Mrs. Cartwright. That was great fun which I hope to repeat in the future as I have a new gown planned for me and Mrs. Cunningham gave me the fabric to do it!

Dorset Buttons

RED FABRIC!!!!!   

I have come across a lovely fashion plate I would like to recreate by hand....

I need this dress and the reticule!

I was gifted with the fabric. I will post my progress. I have made delivery of the fall front trousers to my Patroness at Wells & Verne and hope to have pictures soon. I also owe her 5 more pairs for her shop. WOW!

This past weekend I made a trip to see my lovely friends in Washington, all Charter members of the Washington Regency Society and we had quite a bit of fun and it was nice to step away from the sewing machine, but, Mrs. Mari Roll would not give me much of a reprieve as she was kind enough to take me to an amazing brunch and bestow some more commissions on me. I am thankful, as idol hands get me in trouble! So, I have two gowns to make for her before the retreat as well as a dressing gown and possibly a Spencer, if I can get to it, but I’m thinking..with the red velvet she gave me, that would be more of a fall Spencer material. She also wants me to make two dresses for her nieces, a la this dress

Luckily, that wont be till after the retreat. I also want to make myself a purple gown and a white chemise to wear under my black robe..I also want to make myself a blue robe.

Wish me luck, since, I am now going to be working like a maniac for a while as well as sewing, and I have a kindle now. I can sleep when I'm dead, right?

Thank you for being patient and for reading my blog. Good Evening,

Mrs. Nora Azevedo
Modiste, and A Baronet's Daughter

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