Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Red! the debut!

So, "The Red" has been under discussion for quite some time. It started out with this:
Toquet Brode. Robe a Collet
 It is a card. I bought it at a store recommended to me by Lady Sully, Lady of Portland House and the card said "1799 Journal des Dames et des Modes". The number An. 9 in the left corner and (292) in the right corner.

I love everything about it except the hat. Some people adore the hat, especially Hat-o-philes like The Hungarican Chick but, I think it leaves something to be desired.

So, as most of your sewing enthusiasts out there know, creating, even from a premade pattern is a process, and everyone has a different process.

Aria Clements, of Aria Couture and I scrutinized and agonized and argued and agreed over this plate for quite some time. Mrs. Cunningham was kind enough to gift me PLENTY of the most delicate flowing red cotton for this creation. :)

I purchased buttons at Button Emporium and Ribbonry and we set off. Aria was kind enough to drape on me, as I wanted it custom, and Large Marge has not been successfully altered to look less like a pointy boobed something and one can not drape on oneself without heartache, and I had enough of that in my future. Aria is quite skilled at this and we had a little helper!

front drape

and the Petite Charlotte "helping"
and, finally, after months.....I drew the pattern out, and pinned it to the cotton and *gulp*..began to cut!
no going back now!
We decided, and by "we" I mean Aria....that I would hand sew this. Not the best idea, but not the worst. It was basically drawing it out as long as possible. Perhaps its a mental issue I should look into getting fixed. Meh.

 Aria thought I should go with a higher collar, but I am not a barbie doll and I wanted it to stand I went with a smaller one.

Than, after fitting it a couple times...I got a little mad. Of course, that is all part of the "process"...see Mary? Writers aren't the only ones who have a process....but being a seamstress as well, you already know that. (She's more than a fair bit of Awesome)
Sleeves of WIN
So, contrary to what Miss Lauren says, there is at least one sleeve of win on the market! YAY! I LOVE HOW THE SLEEVES CAME OUT!!! I am just now getting into more intricate designs and I have to say, these sleeves make me incredibly happy!

So, finally...after DAYS and WEEKS and MONTHS of this process, we have achieved!

imitating the fashion plate

weird pic taken at the JASNA event

Full Length!

no project is complete without a kitteh laying on your fabric. :)
So that is it. The Red is done and mine and fits well and I lurves it! One of the ones I may never get rid of.

Thanks to all who have contributed in every way...:) Now, onto some things for other people again. :)

Nora Azevedo, Modiste
and A Baronets' Daughter

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Dinner a la 1812

This weekend was a blur of activity. I sewed, and delivered my latest commission, a black and white voile dress for Mrs. Roll.

Mrs. Roll in gown
Side look....
bottom detail

sleeve detail
other sleeve detail

 We spent the weekend staying at Casa de Phillipa...a very awesome lady of refinement, and Spode. Wow..the lady has some epic Spode. We drank tea, and had tea...and than, on Saturday, after watching Tom Jones (and my epic sewing to get the dress done) we started to get ready for the Gala affair.

We arrived at The Jacob Smith House and where escorted in by the help.

Lady Philippa, Miss Tara and Mrs. Gentry, Lady Monroe,

the ladies and gents before the dinner. I love Amanda, Lady Monroe's face!
Mrs. Cartwright, Lady Victoria, Lady Jersey (as I have been known to go by)

We were seated to a dinner resplendent with Duck in the salad, Salmon and Pork of a grand proportion not to mention the other small dishes.

the salad with duck. THE BEST

Than, after an appropriate time, the gentlemen repaired to the card room with Brandy, and the ladies danced. I called the dance for the first time and it was wonderful. I did also dance as well.
Miss Tara and I dancing with Lady Phillipa

Lady Monroe on the right
more casting off

Lady Phillipa leading the dance, Mrs Gawne, aka Lady Cowper calling

Than, we drank and talked and had a great time. The evening closed much too early, but 2am was approaching.

Thank you to the sponsor, our own Lady Ruth Haring

I have come away with two new clients and more projects than one can shake a stick at.

If you are new to this and want more information on Regency Society in your area, please go to Regency Society of America. We are out there, and we party like its 1812!

Your Servant
Mrs. Nora Azevedo, Modiste and a Baronet's Daughter

Monday, October 1, 2012

Let me begin my blog post with begging your pardon. I have been busier than a bee and have had neither time to put into my dressmaking or my daily life. If only I didn't have to go to the silly modern day job......Id be a wonderful housekeeper, as apparently, I can handle multiple irons in the fire. I digress.

So, August was a blur. The retreat was amazing, and the push at the end there to sew was as usual, a marathon. I had help by my niece Sarafina to get the pieces for my patroness Mrs. Roll, and I made it happen, even though I was hand sewing the hems at the retreat, I did my best and my patroness was so happy, I have a pile waiting for me. :) She will looks a fashion plate of elegance once I'm finished with her, though, I am not entirely certain she will be finished with me!

Here she is in candlelight in the red dress

Just lovely.

To prepare for the retreat, we had a few get togethers, including a picnic co-hostessed by Lady Sully of Portland House and her particular friend Mrs. Cartwright and we had a great time. I debuted the new trimming on my chip bonnet

Wearing my retrimmed Bonnet

Charlotte, Lady Cunningham wearing my retrimmed Bonnet

Don't we both look fetching? Indeed. I think she needs one of these shaped chip straw bonnets..Maybe for her birthday, which is coming up. :) shhhh

The main event was what everyone expected, Tea, picnicking, archery, dancing, eating, drawing and promenading. The white dress I am wearing seems to be the only dress I was photographed in, and I am more than happy as that is my favorite dress....EVAR! Made by Aria. I watched her sit there and use my pattern and in like...two hours she was done, with everything except the pintucks on the bottom. It is amazing, and the cameo I wore was a gift from the lovely Agnes, who is also known as The Dowager or Lady Cowper....depending on how we feel as well as how much Cliquo has been consumed. Fair, right?

Here are the pics. Pardon if you were there and already saw them, but here they are. Emjoy!

Lord and Lady Sully

Mrs. Robinette Kowal dressed as Justice

Megan, with arrows in her hair. There needs no other explaination

Mrs. Cartwright in ALL her loveliness....her dress is based on a fashion plate. She looks much more fetching in it that the plate did.

The Pemberlies, on the illustrious Mrs. Johanesen, also known as The Duchess.

The ever lovely Miss Bernsdorff, all the way from Utah and the ever brilliant Miss Robertson (rumor has it soon to be Mrs. Meier)


Dancing. The lady in red was later outfitted by some of us ladies and the smile on her face in regency clothing was why we do this...and to wear the pretty clothes too.

the lethal ladies and Mr. Smith

Miss Amanda Rogers, has repaired to Virginia, but with the proper introduction, she will take Society by storm!

Ladies need to cool off too!

Picnicking with my particular friend Mrs. Gentry, Countess of Monroe

The Dowager, Lady Monroe, myself and Mrs. Carwright learning how to write with quill and ink.

Here she is Lady Cowper and I am Lady Jersey, the masque must have proper patroness' and the only waltzing or scandal partaken of at the masque was thoroughly approved by us. :)

Young Master Logan, the heir to Lord Cunningham and his lady, the elegant Charlotte, Lady Cunningham. We were discussing the company, he was scandalized.
And I leave you with Young Master Logan. Cuteness overload. As his mother says, if we can't get the men to come, we will grow them into it. :)
Adieu and good evening. I shall do my best to not go so long between posts. I promise


Mrs. Azevedo, Modiste and a Baronet's daughter.

Monday, July 30, 2012


As many of you may know, I am not a small woman, in fact, some would say anything from Fat (oh the shame!) to Plus size to BBW. What ever way you call it, Im a big girl and there is not a dress form out there any where close to my size, much less my shape. I am one of those who has hips of doom, a much smaller waist and a medium size bust, comparatively speaking.

So, while reading the lovely American Duchess' post on franken-lillie I began to dream on how to make my old school, very unlike a female, dress form into something closer to my shape, in the very least girth.

Here I am at the ORS 5th Annual Pittock Mansion picnic in the Rose Gown. If you have seen what it looks like on the dressform, you see the difference once it is on me.

Yes, I did big feathers. Go big or go home is my motto sometimes. :)

So, as you can see, I needed a better dress size. Well, I searched far and wide, and ended up adding to my current dress form, using my older set of stays, a pillow, a king size sheet and various pieces of muslin.

it isn't elegant, but it fits the petticoat i have been working on that i know fits to a T on me. I needed a way to drape on something, even if it is not perfect, so that I would feel better about making things for myself. Now, I can. I have to say, the stuffing of the corset while on the dress form was not entirely my idea. I was definitely inspired not only by American Duchess but by Mrs. Amanda Gentry, my particular friend, who brought her things down and had a sewing marathon with myself and Aria on Saturday night. She is small, but she stuff plastic bags into hers to get the right proportions. No one, big or small is exempt. When will the industry get that they don't make anything close to real proportions?

Anyways, I am airing out the trunk for the retreat, have a stack of regency clothes to make for myself as well as Mrs. Roll and so will not be taking anymore commissions until I get back.


Mrs. Azevedo, Modiste and a Baronets' Daughter.