Monday, October 22, 2012

A Dinner a la 1812

This weekend was a blur of activity. I sewed, and delivered my latest commission, a black and white voile dress for Mrs. Roll.

Mrs. Roll in gown
Side look....
bottom detail

sleeve detail
other sleeve detail

 We spent the weekend staying at Casa de Phillipa...a very awesome lady of refinement, and Spode. Wow..the lady has some epic Spode. We drank tea, and had tea...and than, on Saturday, after watching Tom Jones (and my epic sewing to get the dress done) we started to get ready for the Gala affair.

We arrived at The Jacob Smith House and where escorted in by the help.

Lady Philippa, Miss Tara and Mrs. Gentry, Lady Monroe,

the ladies and gents before the dinner. I love Amanda, Lady Monroe's face!
Mrs. Cartwright, Lady Victoria, Lady Jersey (as I have been known to go by)

We were seated to a dinner resplendent with Duck in the salad, Salmon and Pork of a grand proportion not to mention the other small dishes.

the salad with duck. THE BEST

Than, after an appropriate time, the gentlemen repaired to the card room with Brandy, and the ladies danced. I called the dance for the first time and it was wonderful. I did also dance as well.
Miss Tara and I dancing with Lady Phillipa

Lady Monroe on the right
more casting off

Lady Phillipa leading the dance, Mrs Gawne, aka Lady Cowper calling

Than, we drank and talked and had a great time. The evening closed much too early, but 2am was approaching.

Thank you to the sponsor, our own Lady Ruth Haring

I have come away with two new clients and more projects than one can shake a stick at.

If you are new to this and want more information on Regency Society in your area, please go to Regency Society of America. We are out there, and we party like its 1812!

Your Servant
Mrs. Nora Azevedo, Modiste and a Baronet's Daughter

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  1. Just watched Little Women: Aunt March's comment: Meg can not go without glove, the Marsh's are "society." Marmi: Jo, tell Meg she may borrow mine.