Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Red! the debut!

So, "The Red" has been under discussion for quite some time. It started out with this:
Toquet Brode. Robe a Collet
 It is a card. I bought it at a store recommended to me by Lady Sully, Lady of Portland House and the card said "1799 Journal des Dames et des Modes". The number An. 9 in the left corner and (292) in the right corner.

I love everything about it except the hat. Some people adore the hat, especially Hat-o-philes like The Hungarican Chick but, I think it leaves something to be desired.

So, as most of your sewing enthusiasts out there know, creating, even from a premade pattern is a process, and everyone has a different process.

Aria Clements, of Aria Couture and I scrutinized and agonized and argued and agreed over this plate for quite some time. Mrs. Cunningham was kind enough to gift me PLENTY of the most delicate flowing red cotton for this creation. :)

I purchased buttons at Button Emporium and Ribbonry and we set off. Aria was kind enough to drape on me, as I wanted it custom, and Large Marge has not been successfully altered to look less like a pointy boobed something and one can not drape on oneself without heartache, and I had enough of that in my future. Aria is quite skilled at this and we had a little helper!

front drape

and the Petite Charlotte "helping"
and, finally, after months.....I drew the pattern out, and pinned it to the cotton and *gulp*..began to cut!
no going back now!
We decided, and by "we" I mean Aria....that I would hand sew this. Not the best idea, but not the worst. It was basically drawing it out as long as possible. Perhaps its a mental issue I should look into getting fixed. Meh.

 Aria thought I should go with a higher collar, but I am not a barbie doll and I wanted it to stand I went with a smaller one.

Than, after fitting it a couple times...I got a little mad. Of course, that is all part of the "process"...see Mary? Writers aren't the only ones who have a process....but being a seamstress as well, you already know that. (She's more than a fair bit of Awesome)
Sleeves of WIN
So, contrary to what Miss Lauren says, there is at least one sleeve of win on the market! YAY! I LOVE HOW THE SLEEVES CAME OUT!!! I am just now getting into more intricate designs and I have to say, these sleeves make me incredibly happy!

So, finally...after DAYS and WEEKS and MONTHS of this process, we have achieved!

imitating the fashion plate

weird pic taken at the JASNA event

Full Length!

no project is complete without a kitteh laying on your fabric. :)
So that is it. The Red is done and mine and fits well and I lurves it! One of the ones I may never get rid of.

Thanks to all who have contributed in every way...:) Now, onto some things for other people again. :)

Nora Azevedo, Modiste
and A Baronets' Daughter

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