Monday, January 30, 2012

A Card Party

As some of you may know, I have been using tumblr to blog about my Adventures, but have come to the realization that while it is a great place to see and share photos, any substantial blogging is really not user friendly.

So here I am, seems a little cozy well appointed part of the interweb, so I think I will stay awhile.

So, for my first official Blogger post I will tell you ladies and gents about an amazing time I had playing cards on Saturday last.
I was one of the lucky few invited by Mrs. Mary Robinette Kowal ( herself to a card party at Celsi Manor.
Mary is an excellent hostess, and if you ever have a chance to partake, make it a priority, you will not be disappointed.

Mrs. Charlotte Cunningham ( and I arrived fashionably late, but it seemed that we were right on time.
The rooms where lit beautifully and the sun shone into the front parlor making everything look light and ethereal. There were two table set up in the parlor with one in the solarium with the pianoforte. Upon entering the parlor was on the right, the staircase in front of you and on the left, a beautifully laid table and sideboard with tea, delectables and a small desert repast.

Once introductions were made, including Mr. Smith, the newest gentlemen in our circle, we sat down to play cards. The gentlemen did not partake as we were only playing whist, but once Loo was set out, one or two was happy to oblige in such an innocent diversion. I believe they were hoping for something that included the possibilities of losing a tuppence or two.

We were treated to lemonade, wine and of course tea. One could not survive without tea, and it was refreshing. We played whist, which I was the consummate loser in, and laughed the evening away.

Please allow me to post some of the pictures that were taken. Mostly by Ms. Megan Funk and Mrs. Debra Alderman (of the Puget Sound Chapter).