Monday, October 1, 2012

Let me begin my blog post with begging your pardon. I have been busier than a bee and have had neither time to put into my dressmaking or my daily life. If only I didn't have to go to the silly modern day job......Id be a wonderful housekeeper, as apparently, I can handle multiple irons in the fire. I digress.

So, August was a blur. The retreat was amazing, and the push at the end there to sew was as usual, a marathon. I had help by my niece Sarafina to get the pieces for my patroness Mrs. Roll, and I made it happen, even though I was hand sewing the hems at the retreat, I did my best and my patroness was so happy, I have a pile waiting for me. :) She will looks a fashion plate of elegance once I'm finished with her, though, I am not entirely certain she will be finished with me!

Here she is in candlelight in the red dress

Just lovely.

To prepare for the retreat, we had a few get togethers, including a picnic co-hostessed by Lady Sully of Portland House and her particular friend Mrs. Cartwright and we had a great time. I debuted the new trimming on my chip bonnet

Wearing my retrimmed Bonnet

Charlotte, Lady Cunningham wearing my retrimmed Bonnet

Don't we both look fetching? Indeed. I think she needs one of these shaped chip straw bonnets..Maybe for her birthday, which is coming up. :) shhhh

The main event was what everyone expected, Tea, picnicking, archery, dancing, eating, drawing and promenading. The white dress I am wearing seems to be the only dress I was photographed in, and I am more than happy as that is my favorite dress....EVAR! Made by Aria. I watched her sit there and use my pattern and in like...two hours she was done, with everything except the pintucks on the bottom. It is amazing, and the cameo I wore was a gift from the lovely Agnes, who is also known as The Dowager or Lady Cowper....depending on how we feel as well as how much Cliquo has been consumed. Fair, right?

Here are the pics. Pardon if you were there and already saw them, but here they are. Emjoy!

Lord and Lady Sully

Mrs. Robinette Kowal dressed as Justice

Megan, with arrows in her hair. There needs no other explaination

Mrs. Cartwright in ALL her loveliness....her dress is based on a fashion plate. She looks much more fetching in it that the plate did.

The Pemberlies, on the illustrious Mrs. Johanesen, also known as The Duchess.

The ever lovely Miss Bernsdorff, all the way from Utah and the ever brilliant Miss Robertson (rumor has it soon to be Mrs. Meier)


Dancing. The lady in red was later outfitted by some of us ladies and the smile on her face in regency clothing was why we do this...and to wear the pretty clothes too.

the lethal ladies and Mr. Smith

Miss Amanda Rogers, has repaired to Virginia, but with the proper introduction, she will take Society by storm!

Ladies need to cool off too!

Picnicking with my particular friend Mrs. Gentry, Countess of Monroe

The Dowager, Lady Monroe, myself and Mrs. Carwright learning how to write with quill and ink.

Here she is Lady Cowper and I am Lady Jersey, the masque must have proper patroness' and the only waltzing or scandal partaken of at the masque was thoroughly approved by us. :)

Young Master Logan, the heir to Lord Cunningham and his lady, the elegant Charlotte, Lady Cunningham. We were discussing the company, he was scandalized.
And I leave you with Young Master Logan. Cuteness overload. As his mother says, if we can't get the men to come, we will grow them into it. :)
Adieu and good evening. I shall do my best to not go so long between posts. I promise


Mrs. Azevedo, Modiste and a Baronet's daughter.

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