Tuesday, June 12, 2012


A fellow custom enthusiast has commissioned me to make a 30's dress for her. I took the opportunity to learn and master something closer to modern clothes and so I accepted.

The Red one is the shape she wants. I have artistic license on it, as she wants the back to plunge and I have made that happen.

I have done multiple mock ups and have hit a wall, but, I know that once I sleep and get back to it, the wall will be scaled. The sleeves are now my bane. I will be adding to the top so that the low waist is  appropriate and than I will be drafting the skirt, as she has a tiny waist and flared hips. She will look AMAZING but, I have to get over my wall.

Here is the front and the back of my latest mock up. I'm tired, and will be adding inches to the back in the top tomorrow and than working on the skirt.

I think the other problem is that the dressform is, for lack of a better word..ghetto. Perhaps, if I am good, someday I will have a better one.

Enjoy my mock up

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