Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Guilty Pleasure


Yes, some of you may think of these things as trivial, but they are an integral part of any regency bonnet or dress. Ribbons are used for drawstrings and trimmings and flowers and fixtures.

I myself am remiss in taking photos for a small article of silk ribbon flowers for the Belletrist online magazine that Mrs. Sarah Bernsdorff is assembling. (I will blog about it once I get my rear in gear and make it happen) I just can't seem to make it happen and my deadline is fast approaching.

Making silk flowers is easy really, the ladies at the Button Emporium and Ribonry taught me. But until I get my tutorial photos out, and if you can't see these ladies, there are many books about ribbon flowers.

I cannot speak more highly of the owners and staff at The Button Emporium and Ribonry. This little shop is the definition of fantastic and if you aren't lucky enough to be able to shop there in person, like I am, please visit them here

Not only do they have ribbons of all colors, sizes and designs, they really are helpful and knowledgeable. I can not count on all my appendages how many times I have come into their beautifully appointed store looking for something with only a vague idea or color scheme and they ALWAYS know what I need. Its like clairvoyance or something, because I never ever walk out of that place disappointed. They always remember me and my projects and they give members of the ORS an automatic 10% discount on your entire order.

I could gush for ever, and very well could spend my entire paycheck there if given licence, but I will close with this: Ribbons are integral, don't be afraid of them, they are resilient and with the correct amount, size and shape, they enhance and beautiful any Regency Ensemble.

Good Night and Good Browsing.

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