Saturday, January 4, 2014

American Duchess, Clocked Stockings and the Plus Sized girl-a review

You know American Duchess right? A petite lady of taste and refinement who is a historic shoe enthusiast? Lets face it, is just a shoe addiction. Well, if you don't know about AD, sit down. Allow me to introduce you. Mrs Stowell has a line of shoes, from the new 1580 Stratford to the 1930 Claremonts. As I am primarily a regency enthusiast, I love the Georgianas and Kensingtons (I own a pair in black to wear with my transitional gowns) as well as the Pemberlies and Highburys (mine are finally on the way to my greedy hands)

Sticker shock warning-These are not cheap or inexpensive. The Hartfield Regency boots are leather and $178 dollars. The operative phrase is "not cheap". These aren't some flimsy shoe manufactured by slave labor in sweatshops that you can get at your local payless for under $20 bucks. No, these are meticulously researched, carefully designed and quality checked so much that I have waited almost a year for my Highburys. But money well spent? Oh hell yeah.The imperfects can be had for less, but seriously, not sure what she finds so imperfect but for the history buff on a budget imperfects are a good option. Quality over Quantity and all that rot. Seriously, that is how AR she is about selling only the best.  And, she offers a payment/layaway plan.

AD also has accessories. Every day I hear plus sized beauties state that accessories are the only things that fit and as a knee high sock enthusiast, I say NAY. I have, for the record, 17 inch calves. The average knee high only stretches, at the limit, to about a 16. Don't even get me started on knee high boots..but thats another post.

So, to go with my favorite shoes in the world, my black Kensingtons, I wanted clocked stocking. Covet is a better description, and while AD wants to accommodate the plus size lady in the issue of hosiery, the sad reality is, more often than not, a queen size, much less larger is hard to come by and not necessarily quality. This is no fault of hers, its out of her hands. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Stowell, and speaking with her about this and if she could, she would offer plus sizes.

I was hesitant still, but her advent calendar offered 50% off so I risked it and purchased them. I should have a while back as she has an amazing return policy.

Shipping was crazy fast and before I knew it, this was in my mail box!!!

They were so long, and silky and buttery smooth.....I really did squee... and with the assurance they stretched to 21 inches (along with a photo of them on Mr. C) I put them on and they fit!

So, ok..lets be realistic..they arent going to go all the way up your thigh..unless you are a petite beauty. They will go as far up as just over my knee and than they roll.. That is to be expected since they are silk. So, in order for comfort and the same type of look, I folded them down and than halfway up so that the black knitting on top showed.


Over view, if you are a larger lady, go for it. Go to her website, get yourself a little profile going (lets not kid ourselves, you will need shoes, and buckles and all manner of lovelies) and buy these stockings. If you are hesitant, don't be. If for some reason, they don't fit...don't fear, AD will take them back.

Support small business, rock your inner history nerd and when you have ordered your gown from me, finish your look with shoes, buckles, and clocked stockings by American Duchess.

Good night

Mrs. Azevedo
Modiste, and A Baronets Daughter


  1. Thank you so much!

    *Little Note: We can't actually take returns on stockings that have been tried on - health and safety laws :-( Shoes are no problem, but hosiery is a no-no :-(

  2. You are right! Thanks for clarification! BUY THEM ANYWAYS!!! THEY ARE LOVELY! Im thinking of pair number two for dye-ing purposes. :)