Thursday, November 14, 2013

Long overdue goodies!

So, I have been MIA lately. Things went down with the Sellwood House and we had to move now, we are safely at Jennings Lodge. My studio is complete
I also have a new friend, her name is Lilyan...we call her Miss Lily, she is 12, she is silly and she lets me dress her up. Say Hi Lily!
She is really silly, and looks lovely and the entire ORS pretty much wants to dress her up. She has Steph willing to make her some stays,  and Mari, my biggest client, is giving her some Robert Land shoes...yeah, I told her she was spoiled, she said she was living the high life. yeah.
her 12th birthday present

sleeve before

sleeve after

hem of the skirt

one happy Lily.

the first gown she made (mostly) by herself
Oh yeah, Lily is a piece of work. :)

So in October, Amanda and I went to the Wedding of Miss Maggie Waterman and Mr Albert Roberts. So lovely, it was at The Hermitage, yes, President Jacksons' digs. Photos were limited, due to the venue but we had some lovely pics and were lucky to be invited as it was a select group. We were also very lucky to meet and stay with Mrs. Bennett Nelson who is most definitely one of my favorite people I have met.
completely hand sewn white lawn for the wedding.

the hat to go with

the peacock frock

The most lovely ladies, Mrs Gentry, Mrs Nelson and myself

 I took some much needed R and R When I got back. The venue, the ceremony, the fireflies and cicadas in the sultry evening...yeah, a beautiful Tennessee adventure.

Next up, The Duchess' Dinner. At the The Portland White House we had a a delicious meal, seriously elegant Bed and Breakfast with a staff of whom I can not sing the praises of this place enough for! The menu included rabbit and pheasant and good laughs and fun!
The whole group

the triumvirate of Awesome

Celine loaned me the amazing tiara.

After dinner cards with Lady Sully and the good Mr. Bellini

the entryway

the dining room

pre dinner drinks

the Texas Tiara.

Eliza "helped"

Mari's Duchess dinner gown.

She gave me American Duchess shoes!!!!

And lastly, but not least, my first window dressing at the Ribbonry and Button Emporium with the dress I made for Mari for Phi's party, but she didn't get a chance to wear it.

There is more, sewing and playing and kitties, but its past my bed time.

Mrs. Azevedo, Modiste and A Baronets Daughter.

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  1. Aw, Lily is adorable! It is so fun when younger girls pick up an interest in Regency living history. They are the sweetest! And it looks like she has a great mentor (or few!) ;)