Monday, March 26, 2012

General update, but lets not forget Regency Goodness

Dear readers. I am remiss in that I haven't blogged about my regency adventures in quite some time. I apologize. I have have been quite ill for some time and have been wrapped up in my real life adventures that I have been a little behind on the regency stuff. Never fear, regency is with me all the time, I think about dresses, and equipage and shoes and baby stuff all the time.

In fact, Baby stuff has been the for front of my mind recently. Do not worry, I am not enciente, but as some of you may know already, Mrs. Cunningham is and with the home stretch coming and confinement nearing, we have been occupied with baby items and she has been renovating and re-organising home. I believe the term is "nesting". This has been all we have been thinking about for sometime. But, on the regency front, I am proud to have hosted a baby tea regency themed at the lovely home of my Lovely Mother in law, the Elder Mrs. Azevedo. She is quite the most excellent mother in law one could hope to have, and her home is the very picture of elegance. While she does not host any Crown Darby china or chintz, she does have a very lovely and well rounded china cabinet, a spacious lawn and deck. Unfortunately, we were not able to utilize her lovely back lawn, because the sunshine waited until today to appear, but we had a lovely time. We drank tea, wine and had refreshments compliments of the lovely Ms. Stephanie Robertson. I have cumcumber sandwiches in my kitchen waiting for my belly today. Score!

Speaking of the belly, I got to listen to the little ones heartbeat at the non-regency shower held by the ever lovely and lively Ms. Hayes. In all seriousness, it was more than a tiny bit life and perspective changing. While I am the only one in a large mixed family to not have children, I have never been changed by the coming of another niece of nephew. I am the eternal Aunty and I am happy to fill this role with gusto, but hearing the little ones heartbeat changed something in me. Now, don't think I am going to go get prego at the first moment, but there is something very cosmic going on in the process of child making. But as Mrs. Cunningham is very cosmic herself, why I am surprised, I do not know. In the words of my esteemed Mother in Law, "Charlotte is the prettiest Pregnant lady I know, she quite glows". Indeed, I can support that assessment, tho, I am more than a tiny bit biased.

On Regency Business, I have now two commissions! WOW! Perhaps in a couple of years I can just make pretties and not go to a "normal job" for more than part time. Who knows, but I am continuing on the stays for Ms. Thompson and I will probably have them lined and bound sometime soon and a mock up bodice made for her to try on. Being that she is a well endowed lady, I was astounded that I was able to provide support for said assets with a set of front lacing short stays that at the time, were not very well boned. lol. Now they have a considerable amount of boning and I am confident will stand up to three days in Virginia. :) Now onto her bodice, something low so a tucker can make it for day and no tucker for night. Its sad she only has one dress for this, but there is NO way I could make her three dresses...and outfits for her boys? oh no!

My second commission is scheduled to come in right now, in fact, for her sketch and measurement for a Spencer. The photo she sent me is the La Mode Bagatelle View K Spencer. I could just do it from the pattern, but while I would like to charge more for the amount of time I will be putting into this, I can't in good mind do that until I am more accomplished, and she is a member of the ORS, so supporting her in getting to events is ultimately more important. I know from experience, that a proper wardrobe helps in confidence to attend events where you know NO ONE. I hope this helps my client.

I also have continued in my correspondence started from Mrs. Kowal month of letters. I have received a letter from the most excellent foundress of The Regency Society of Virginia and the letter I received was exceedingly agreeable. I pulled a "Miss Bates" and brought it to the baby tea and let people read it. She writes to me in the parlance of that time. I am a bit intimidated but how perfectly and precisely her letter was executed, and being that I am in Oregon, you 1812, there weren't women or cities out here....but there was Fort Astoria. Last year was the 200 anniversary of it. I try my best to create Oregon as I think it would be if it had been more populated. I didn't facebook friend my corespondent, as I want to make it as authentic a letter writing campaign as I can. It really was a treasure. My other excellent partners in letter writing, Mrs. Kowal herself, Mrs Cecilia Hanselmann and the founder of The Washington Regency Society Mrs. Amanda Gentry and the ever wonderful Mrs. Agnes Gawne. I really do adore getting mail in the post. If there is anyone reading this who would like to correspond regularly, let me know!

Well, I do not have any pictures to share yet, but one I get somewhere on my projects and some photos sent to me from the baby tea, I will share them all with you.

My warmest regards
Mrs. Nora Azevedo, Modiste and a Baronets Daughter.

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