Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My foray into Steampunk

I will preface this blog by saying that I love Regency. I LOVE REGENCY! I always have, than I got into making it and I am as deeply in love with it as I am my husband (that’s pretty darned deep)...That being said, lets delve into something a little different....not much but a beginning to a new chapter.

As some of you know, the WRS is hosting this years Regency retreat, and I have been commissioned by a couple of people to make their entire wardrobe for this event..Mari is one of my regular customers, and she will be beautifully turned out, as usual...but Shea MacLeod has commissioned a wardrobe too!!! She is one of the local celebrities one runs into when out and about and have a steampunk like hat to sell. I met Ms MacLeod at the JA faire a couple of weeks ago. She bought my riding habit hat and she was hooked from there.

Ms. MacLeod is a Steampunk enthusiast (as that is part of what she writes, I gather) and needed a chemise that she could use at a steampunk convention as well as start her Regency wardrobe.

Here it is! Enjoy! :)

a back view

side view

front view off detail

Thanks for looking, Ill be posting about the other things Im doing soon, I have a lot going on and can't wait for more orders!

Your Servant
Mrs. Azevedo
Modiste, and A Baronets' Daughter


  1. Thanks so much for creating this beautiful chemise. LOVE it!

  2. So glad to have stumbled upon this post (apparently I subbed you via Bloglovin') er ahh, I need to check back more often.

    In reading your bio over at the right I see you are a woman after my own heart. I am working to change my wardrobe over from modern to 18/19th century and 1950's AND have been looking for like-minded people. You see I am about daily wear vs. "costuming".

    Thank you, again, for being a force on the WWW.


    1. Thank you! Come back often there is more to come!