Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shameless plugs!

Normally, my shameless plugs are for myself. I admit it, as I continue on my sewing journey, I find that I am rocking more and more...but there are two things I feel passionate about that I'm going to pimp the crap out of, in the parlance of our time.

 The Washington Regency Society presents their first Regency retreat! Talk about SQUEE!! Have you ever wondered how it would feel at a Regency House party at a country manor? I can tell you from going to the last two from The Oregon Regency Society, that with a full regency wardrobe, good friends, new and old and some imagination, you can immerse yourself in 1813. These ladies have been working really REALLY hard to bring you something that transports you! The venue is on the coast of Washington, halfway between Seattle and Portland at the Falls Creekr Retreat Center. I can tell you, as I was privileged to tour the facilities, that the grounds are calm and lovely, the waterfall is worth the hike and the deer in the front made it for me.

I know that a lot of you aren't from my part of the world, but we had people from other states come last year and I recommend that if you can, please do come. The group of ladies and one or two gentlemen really are a treat and would love to meet you!

Come party like its 1813!

And in your quest to get ready for the Retreat, or any regency events, please PLEASE go to American Duchess Shoes and pre order your HIGHBURY Regency slippers!

Right now, they are discounted for the pre-order and if they seem a little expensive know this...A, she has a layaway program, B. You will not find a better quality or researched shoe and you will never go back to the ballet flats from payless again!! She has researched and is doing her pre order now so that she can keep them affordable. She needs 100 to be pre-ordered before she can go into production. Splurge and pick these up. You will not only feel even more period correct, but you will help the rest of us get a pair too!!

Follow the link and buy some shoes people!!

One last plug, after May 4th, I will be available to help you make your regency wardrobe dreams come true! 15% orders if you are going to the retreat!

That concludes my shameless plugs for today! Go get your tickets and your shoes today!

Mrs. Nora Azevedo
Modiste, and a Baronets' Daughter.


  1. What a wonderful post dear Baronet's Daughter - I plan to buy both the shoes and the membership in the retreat as soon as I get home from holiday.

  2. Payless Ballet flats! Those aren't real ballet shoes. My ballet shoes cost $40, which is why I won't wear them outside.

    I have such a hard time justifying spending that much on shoes. I want some of AD's boots.